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Great game overall honestly worth playing this is my play-though I did 2 weeks ago also part 2 of me finishing the game is on my channel. I thought the puzzle were good and different especially the torch one, the sound puzzle listening to the different sounds were tough for me, the werewolf has a good design, the forest was a good maze, the ending was sick. Thank you for creating this game :)

Played your game, and just gotta say i really enjoyed it. I was a little confused during the mine part because of the glowing ore. Not sure what it was used for. But Solved all the other puzzles! 

SKIP TO 2:42!!!


Um, why is the logo being used from @alpha?

We're not sure who that is. Could you send a link?

Here are some links.

Hey thank you for the reply, I looked at the twitter logo and I must say that yes they do look similar, however it's a silhouette logo and many of them tend to look the same. I did a quick search on google on "wolf 2D silhouette" and I found many images that look very similar, for example:

This is a stock photo which means anyone can use it and its royalty free. I would actually argue that alpha's logo looks more like this photo than ours (the head part). Anyways claiming that we stole the logo is really absurd as we've never even heard of him, but I do appreciate you looking out for other fellow content creators. 

Cheers, RedTheGame  

Wow, that is a lot of wolves, (insert shrug here).


It's a fairly well developed game. Though some optimization and fixing some odd  areas could be needed.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Hey, thanks for for playing our game! We're going to have a nice tweaking update out soon, so look forward to most of your addressed issues being fixed!


Interesting game. Didn't have time to finish it but it looked good.

Nice vid! We're going to be posting an update soon (so people stop getting lost all the time lol)


Almost got the wolf. This forest is such a maze. :)

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Thank you so much! This was such a fun watch! We really appreciate all of your input and we hope you enjoyed the game! :D also the cutscene was cut off mid scene, there was the first half missing, we are sorry that you couldn't see the full cutscene at the beginning, but thank you for bringing it to light!

Edit: We uploaded the full cutscene on youtube, it's on our page! :D

Hey, I'm glad you liked the video. And good idea about the cutscene cause the artwork is amazing. :)